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Project Management Consulting

We work with you to implement an effective Project Management Methodology that improves your project performance, governance, and visibility. From initiation through actual project execution to post-project review, we develop project management methodologies suitable for your projects based on your industry and products.

We work alongside with you to ensure that the methodology and tools established support your business requirements and are aligned with your organization culture.

Project Acceleration Through Planning

We can develop your project’s complete plan within a reasonable time period using our unique proven methodology, providing your organization a competitive edge. This methodology can be used both in structuring projects in the execution phase and without adequate planning, as well as for projects in crisis. More


Establishing Project & Program Communication Processes

The communications management is the gathering of all the elements necessary for the appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, retrieval and storage of project information. In project management a high percentage of conflicts, frustrations and inefficiencies in relation comes from the poor communication.

Project Cost Control and Management

We control and manage cost at all stages of a project. Our cost management services include cost control, tender documentation, Variations Management, risk and value management. We incorporate change management procedures into project procurement to allow full cost control and to enable informed, timely decisions to be made.


Project Assessment & Audit

For the organization to achieve success, it takes processes, technology, policies and standards that must be aligned with other management systems. Successful implementation of project management methods goes beyond simply empowering project managers.

PMO Setup

Many projects fail due to poorly defined goals, planning or budgets. A Project Management Office (PMO) provides companies with a project management governance structure, ensuring that project teams adhere to approved policies, processes and procedures, and increasing the likelihood of success.


Project Office Optimization

There are companies that have tens to hundreds of projects running in parallel, every so often using non-standard controls and lacking a healthy integration between the areas. These projects are usually related to a variety of investment types, such as the development of new products or applications, reengineering processes, total quality initiatives, new marketing programs, new industrial units or new market demands and customers.

Implementing Risk Management

Risk management is one of the project management areas in which companies are investing more, in order to appropriately identify and manage the project risks. To identify the threats and opportunities on the projects and operations allows the organization to gain advantage over competitors, stretch focus to the accurate product manufacturing in the first attempt, avoid surprises and reduce the chances of crisis.


Project Recovery

Any project is considered a challenge, either by its inherent complexity, or by its reduced cost or tight schedule. Consequently, every project requires certain control and management compared to the ordinary work, often requiring a distinct effort from the project manager and team.

Coaching & Mentoring

Every successful organization needs to focus on the qualification of its project managers and sponsors using the ultimate techniques of project management as well as in various soft skills that are essential on a project to be successful.


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