Junaid Abdul Malik

Co-Founder Business and Customer Relations Director

E-mail: Junaid@denkoit.com

Junaid has over a decade of customer relationship experience. He has been developing business strategies for a wide range of businesses across the globe. He is uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such as Google, Facebook and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank.

He is a certified customer value optimization and customer acquisition specialist and has helped businesses architect a conversion funnel that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values.

He has primarily been in the marketing industry and has developed business marketing plans for various multi-national organizations in Asia and Middle East. He has extensive experience in the latest technologies and digital marketing tools.He also helps businesses to enhance and improve their online reputation.

He has acted as a business adviser and marketing strategy planner for varied businesses specializing in multi-disciplinary trades, and developed periodic digital marketing plans that reaped enormous benefits.

Junaid holds an MBA and is a certified in customer value optimization and customer acquisition from digital marketer institute in USA.