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Deliver Custom Solutions

Every project is unique and requires customized solutions to suit the business and stakeholder requirements.

Provide Top Talent

Denkoit team comprises of subject matter experts and leaders across all areas of project management.

Drive Organizational Change

Denkoit connects its people, processes, technology and experience to benefit our clients and stakeholders.


Project Cost Control and Management.

We control and manage cost at all stages of a project. Our cost management services include cost control, tender documentation, Variations Management, risk and value management. We incorporate change management procedures into project procurement to allow full cost control and to enable informed, timely decisions to be made.

“A skilled project manager always keeps an eye on the project costs with respect to the scope and schedule so that he never loses his grip on the project.”

– Team Denkoit



Project Assessment & Audit

For the organization to achieve success, it takes processes, technology, policies and standards that must be aligned with other management systems. Successful implementation of project management methods goes beyond simply empowering project managers.

We have the suitable proficiency to evaluate the maturity of your organization in the area of project and Program Management and suggest effective improvements to its processes.

“To increase the project success rate, it is important to understanding the existing situation and maturity level of the organization and plan progressive improvements on project execution”  – Team Denkoit

Through an informal assessment or more formal audit, we evaluate a project’s performance – identifying risks, gaps, and other opportunities for improvement. We examine tangible and intangible, both aspects of a project including project team dynamics, communication, documentation quality, vendor management, and project control points. This can be conducted while a project is in execution or post-delivery. If still in progress, we recommend corrective actions to advance the project.  If conducted as a lessons learned, we recommend actions to improve planning and execution for your next phase/project.

Improper planning and poor execution of projects will result in wastage of time, costs, physical and human resources.

Our notable experience in project and program management will support your organization to analyze its existing situation in managing your projects and plan the growth of the capabilities needed to better execute them.


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