Cyber Security

Guard your organisation

DENKOIT’s Fully integrated cyber security for your business

Businesses maintain several security, network and users’ devices which produce massive data. The challenge that most businesses encounter today is how to swiftly derive intelligence from that information, in real-time, to sense and avert threats.

Every relevant internal event needs to be contextualised in real-time, with external intelligence, providing a clear and detailed picture of what is happening, and whether what is happening is normal.

DENKOIT’s competent cyber security analysts can look to identify, prevent, stop, and respond to threats. We have an exceptional outlook on cybercrime. We know that an attack can happen any moment. We will help and support your organization, keeping your information safe from potential attacks.

Our team of cyber security experts will be constantly observing, learning, foreseeing and responding to threats to protect us and our customers. So, you can rely on us to protect you.

Choosing DENKOIT’s cyber security services will allow you to:

  • Classify threats according to the severity of attacks
  • Spot threats, respond quickly and demonstrate compliance
  • Detect and respond faster to risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Augment your situational cognizance and lessen the risk by fetching together multiple data sources
  • Find out instantly which systems may be under threat with the help of our behaviour analytics capability

Why Outsource Cyber Security services to DENKOIT?

Handling your cyber security in-house can be complex and pricey.We know the key challenges in professionally managing cyber security. We use high-end Cyber Security tools to protect ourselves and our customers.

  • Cut-short the time taken to identify and mitigate threats

    Save Time Save money. The longer it takes to identify a threat, the costlier it is to fix it. Your data may be exposed for longer. Our service helps you decrease the time to identify and classify threats to your organisation, by taking a proactive stance.

  • Leverage your data

    The amount of existing data to notify your security decisions can be overwhelming. We help you understand logical data and our cyber security experts help you to outsource the chore of dealing with false positives.

  • Avert Insider Threat

    Malicious content downloading and distributing confidential data in an abnormal manner will be flagged and we will investigate, intercept and respond to the threat, keeping you informed simultaneously. We use machine learning analytics tools that recognises the difference between ‘normal’ and compares events against that normal. We prevent sites such as Wikileaks and Pastebin which are driven for confidential disclosure posing a threat to your company data.

  • Boost your comprehensive security intelligence

    It can be difficult to logically classify the structured and unstructured data and to contextualise it. We bring the best capabilities together to analyse and contextualise data for you.