Construction Drawing Creation

We create the complete set of construction drawings from your paper drawings, sketches, text files and other inputs, needed for permits and contractor bids, at a significant savings compared with your in-house production.

Outsourced CAD Drafting

Let DENKOIT serve as an extension of your in-house CAD department, we provide one-time or on-going CAD production support. DENKOIT follows your specifications for seamless integration with your in-house staff. Avoid the cost and hassles of adding extra staff, equipment and facilities by relying on DENKOIT.

  • MEP Fabrication Drawings
  • MEP CAD Drafting and Detailing
  • MEP Construction and Coordination Drawings
  • Shop Drawings, As-Built Drawings, Spool Drawings
  • General Installation drawings (GID)
  • Builders work Drawings
  • Construction Document Creation
  • Background Architectural for MEP

CAD Conversion

With your 2D drawings or sketches and design data DENKOIT can create fully functional 3D models of your parts and designs for 3D printing, graphics presentation, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, engineering analysis. Send us your PDF files, TIF files, or your paper drawings, and our experienced CAD technicians will redraw them as high-quality and accurate AutoCAD DWG files to your exact specifications. You will save both time and money by letting Denkoit convert your old drawings into intelligent CAD files.

  • Paper-to-CAD Conversion